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Case Study

How Allbirds uses SurveyMonkey Audience to fuel its explosive brand growth

In the sneaker industry, brand is everything.

Allbirds’s brand has helped propel it into a viral sensation, selling more than 1 million pairs of in its first two years. Since Allbirds’s brand is so important to its success, the company needed a method to track its brand health accurately, nimbly, and without breaking the bank.

It chose SurveyMonkey Audience as the research engine that powers its brand tracking program, instead of traditional 3rd-party agencies. Find out why.

Download the case study
Find out how Allbirds ran its own brand tracking program using SurveyMonkey Audience, instead of expensive, slow market research vendors. 

For expert help on your own brand tracking program, accurate responses from our global panel, and AI-powered insights to help you make sense of your results, explore SurveyMonkey Brand Tracker.