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Beyond CX: How SurveyMonkey + Salesforce turn feedback into revenue

Explore how the SurveyMonkey Salesforce power duo helps you get more value from your feedback programs

Collecting customer experience (CX) data is important for a CX program—but it’s not the only piece of the puzzle. To make customer insights-driven decisions across the business, you need to be able to see how CX metrics are tied to your bottom line.

Hannah Waterman-Blume, Senior Technical Solutions Manager, and Alex Skreen, CX Solutions Engineer, walk through the SurveyMonkey Salesforce integration and how this power duo can help you get more value from your feedback programs.

Plus, we'll cover:

  • Creating the foundation of a scalable CX program
  • Taking real-time action on feedback that prevents churn
  • Mapping data and custom objects in Salesforce
  • Building Salesforce reports and dashboards that cut across data silos