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Uncover insights to boost engagement and drive better results.

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Use peer feedback to help improve employee performance.

Create better courses and improve teaching methods.

Learn how students rate the course material and its presentation.

Find out what your customers think about your new product ideas.


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Adapt your business to new ways of working

Use employee feedback for critical business decisions across your entire organization. Get the insights you need to pivot quickly and confidently.

While a return to normalcy will look different for every company, reimagining the future of work and re-acclimating an onsite workforce presents an enormous change management challenge for HR and management teams to navigate. SurveyMonkey’s Return to Work solutions will help you:

Continuously engage employees for feedback from wherever they’re working

Understand employee needs and sentiments as they evolve over time

Make informed policy decisions that build employee confidence as your business reopens

Empower remote employees to share insights about their well-being, productivity, and needs.

  • Quickly identify and take action on employee needs by location and team with automated insights and dashboards.
  • Set your remote team up for success with informed strategy planning and operational decisions.
  • Drive performance and productivity in virtual teams by understanding and acting on their specific needs.

Find the right balance between employee expectations and business needs with regular feedback from your team.

Example question graphic

Gain visibility into the needs and safety concerns and requirements of each employee to make a confident transition back to work.


Compare employee readiness and sentiments across locations and demographics to make informed decisions about returning to shared spaces.

Example computer graph

Make evidence-based decisions to optimize resources, improve health and safety, and effectively manage change.

Regularly pulse employees to surface changing needs as they adjust to new ways of working.

  • Get real-time visibility into employee feedback with ready-to-use dashboards and reports. 
  • Predict and adapt to change with automated insights, powered by machine learning.
  • Power adjustments to policy and processes with ongoing feedback and continuous improvement.

Help ensure a safe return to in-person and onsite work through automated digital symptom tracking of employees in the United States.¹


Get set up quickly with a template based on CDC's Symptoms of Coronavirus list,² and our intelligently guided step-by-step setup.

Save time and improve response rates with configurable, automated survey assessments via email or, easily turn any mobile device into a survey kiosk.

Provide immediate, automated guidance and assistance to respondents and alert select members of your team to critical health and safety issues.

Elevate the quality of care and experiences across your organization with our Enterprise healthcare solution.

Talk to our sales team to learn how SurveyMonkey Enterprise can help your organization:

  • Understand how to drive employee engagement, build diversity and inclusion programs, and boost employee well-being 
  • Get quotes on pricing see how SurveyMonkey works in product demos
  • Hear how other organizations are using SurveyMonkey to make critical business decisions 

Give your organization the tools it needs to thrive in this period of sustained disruption.

HR toolkit: Make employee experience your competitive advantage

HR leaders can use this toolkit to help drive exceptional employee experiences.

Get the feedback you can act on with online evaluation forms

Unlock the power of feedback with SurveyMonkey's online evaluation forms. Start with our form builder today!

HR quickstart guide: employee surveys from hire to retire

Explore best practices for conducting employee feedback surveys throughout the employee lifecycle. Learn how to gather insights to enhance employee engagement, retention, and performance.

20 self evaluation questions that managers can use for employee performance reviews

Here’s how to write effective employee self evaluation questions. See examples created by experts and learn how to structure surveys for reliable results.

We offer plans and features that work with your unique business needs.

 ¹ The Symptom Tracking solution allows organizations to collect and use personal information about individuals, including health-related information, which may be subject to various legal requirements in different jurisdictions. THIS SOLUTION IS BUILT FOR AND INTENDED FOR USE ONLY WITHIN THE UNITED STATES. As with all SurveyMonkey services, please consult with your own independent counsel to confirm that your intended use of these services meets your legal needs.

²As of September 1, 2020. For more information, see: Advanced collectors such as SMS are optional and available only in select countries.