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Here’s how we ensure data quality

Proprietary sources

Our panels are recruited from the 2.5M+ people who take surveys daily, so their info is always current. We use a unique charitable incentive model, and reach panelists on mobile for faster response.

Trusted global partners

Collect feedback from people in 130+ countries through our panel partners. We ensure respondent quality meets our standards, while offering a range of targeting options.

Bot and fraud detection

We keep response quality high by using email and location verification to detect fraud and ID exclusions to prevent duplicate responses to the same survey.

Engaged panelists

We have a double opt-in system, monitor panelist satisfaction, and limit survey invitations to reduce professional survey taking.

Regular panel calibration

Our research team runs ongoing panel calibration studies to ensure our response quality is on par with national benchmarks.

Accurate targeting

We regularly refresh panelist profiling. And you can fine tune targeting with census balancing and custom screening questions.

Survey design review

Leverage our AI and machine learning- based SurveyMonkey Genius to guide your survey design, and our team can review your survey before launch.

Response quality tools

View metadata in your SurveyMonkey account to detect speeding, and filter or delete responses from your analysis.

Quality guarantee

If you find any poor quality responses, our team will replace them at no charge so you get exactly what you ordered.

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