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The VMAs, summer travel chaos, and the economy: The Daily Q August wrap-up

The VMAs, summer travel chaos, and the economy: The Daily Q August wrap-up

It’s the end of the month again, and as we bid a fond farewell to August, it’s time to welcome back the wrap-up blog of our social survey series, The Daily Q! This month we got lots of great insights into what’s happening in culture, but don’t forget: the Daily Q is just one question, imagine the deeper insights you could get from sending a full survey! Not sure where to get started? Don’t worry; we have expert-written templates:

This month we tackled the VMAs, summer travel, the economy, and more so let’s dive in

  1. “Pink Venom” injected itself into the VMAs

From Britney Spears’ enormous yellow python to Madonna voguing in Versailles, the MTV Video Music Awards has consistently delivered culture-defining moments. This year they didn’t disappoint, and even had some iconic firsts. No, we’re not talking about that new couple on the red carpet, we’re talking about the internationally renowned music group, BLACKPINK. 

The K-pop sensation gave the first-ever performance by an all-female K-pop group at the VMAs and based on our survey, stole the night with their performance of “Pink Venom”— a pre-release single from their upcoming album Born Pink. We have to admit, we were feeling the effects of “Pink Venom” too, and can’t wait for the album release come August 19th.

2. Women and non-binary voices aren't being heard

In honor of Women’s Equality Day, we wanted to better understand the experience of women 

and non-binary people in the workplace. Our survey found that the vast majority of companies haven't sent a survey to ensure these groups’ voices are being heard. Understanding how your organization is performing when it comes to gender diversity is crucial to improve employee engagement, advancement, and diversity across your organization. That’s why SurveyMonkey and LeanIn.Org developed the Gender in the Workplace survey template, designed to help companies assess gender inclusivity at work. 

If you want to bring gender equality issues to the forefront of your community, check out our free Gender Equality in Politics, and Gender Equality at school survey templates too

3. It's been a bumpy road for summer travel

After two years of being stuck inside, many people marked their calendars this summer for “revenge travel.” However many vacations had a sour start (and end) due to high gas prices, delayed or canceled flights, lost luggage, extreme weather, and general airport chaos. According to our survey, 55% of people would describe their experience traveling this season as having “mild turbulence” or just as a “total train wreck.” Between Labor Day and Thanksgiving, traveling likely won’t slow down this fall, so it's best to get a head start on planning. 

If you’re planning a trip with friends or family, try setting up a survey to gather everyone’s travel preferences

4. When it comes to website copy, words are more powerful than you think

Recently, New York Times bestselling author and renowned marketer and entrepreneur Neil Patel highlighted the importance of using surveys on your website to gather feedback from your customers. However, our poll shows that 63% of businesses aren’t regularly asking for feedback. If you want to ensure your website is delighting customers, try sending a website feedback survey

5. Workers want to be heard during uncertain times

With trends like “quiet quitting” and “The Great Disengagement” swirling around the workforce, it's become evident that morale in many workplaces is pretty low. A looming recession certainly isn’t helping, and employees are feeling like their opinions aren’t being heard. In fact, our poll shows that 55% of people want their company to send a survey to understand how they’re feeling during these uncertain times.

The more you understand how your employees feel during times of change, the better you can plan for the future. Learn how you can start collecting valuable insights on your workforce with our employee engagement toolkit.