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Standing up for LGBTQ at SurveyMonkey, Dublin-style

Standing up for LGBTQ at SurveyMonkey, Dublin-style

SurveyMonkey has formalized our commitment to all things diversity in the creation of our Diversity and Inclusion committee. This is a global effort as we here in the Dublin office are enthusiastic supporters of this important initiative.

This month and throughout 2016, in solidarity with millions around the world, we’ll be celebrating LGBTQ people and issues. It’s more important now than ever to show a united front.

We believe that people who feel free to be their true selves at home and in the workplace prove to be more engaged employees, more productive and hopefully happier overall, than those who cannot.

Below are just a few ways we’re continuing to celebrate and making diversity and inclusion a priority at work for current and future employees.

What we’re doing (and much more to come)

  • Improving our recruitment processes to ensure candidates meet a diverse slate of interviewers, and that hiring and on-boarding practices are also inclusive.
  • Creating an internal Diversity communications channel where we can share ideas, articles, and other thoughts relating to diversity.
  • Partnering with local organizations, volunteering time and resources to initiatives devoted to LGTBQ and other inclusionary topics.
  • Celebrating Dublin Pride festival in style. We were honored to have joined Ireland’s biggest Pride Parade—Dublin LGBTQ—for the first time this year. We hope to participate in many more years to come!
  • We know that LGBT inclusive organizations resonate with jobseekers, employees and customers who are LGBT, heterossexual and cisgender. As just a small token of our daily support, we’re displaying Supporting Dublin LGBTQ Pride placards on our workstations.

Of course, much more work needs to be done to ensure the safety and rights of the LGBTQ community everywhere. We’re honored to do our small part here in Dublin and will share more of our success stories regarding diversity and inclusion company-wide. At SurveyMonkey, our mission is to help you make great decisions with data, and with plenty of Pride!

Suggestions for us? Leave them in the Comments section below.