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3 easy steps for gathering peer feedback (for free!)

3 easy steps for gathering peer feedback (for free!)

Who says you can’t get anything good for free anymore? We here at SurveyMonkey have always believed in the goodness of free. And we love it when we see our customers using our free plan to gather feedback to make great decisions–like where to host the next company trip (Vegas!), what to order for lunch (deep dish pizza, all the way), and who deserves a bonus (please pick me).

Speaking of who deserves a bonus, a few of our awesome customers have shared the following tips on how to gather peer feedback (as part of their performance review process) in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Create a short, less-than-ten question survey to gather the most critical pieces of peer feedback on an employee’s accomplishments, areas for development, and things like key leadership skills. (Need help with questions? Check out our Question Bank and templates.)

Step 2: Share the survey with all people managers in the company and help them set up free SurveyMonkey accounts to use to send out their survey. Managers can further edit the survey to personalize it with employees’ names.

Step 3: Managers can send out the peer feedback survey using SurveyMonkey’s email collector (with handy tracking) or simply add the survey link to an email message to each reviewer.

Using SurveyMonkey eliminates the need to collate feedback from emails or written responses, and also keeps the process consistent across a company. Quick reminders with a survey link also make it easier for busy managers to make sure feedback is provided.

We’re always excited to see our innovative customers use SurveyMonkey in new and exciting ways. If you have a creative way you’ve used SurveyMonkey to gather peer feedback (or any kind of feedback), please do share with us in the comments below.