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Common Sense Media|SurveyMonkey poll: Fortnite

Common Sense Media|SurveyMonkey poll: Fortnite

In a new Common Sense Media|SurveyMonkey survey, more than six in 10 teenagers (61 percent) say they have played Fortnite, a higher percentage than in a previous survey reported using Facebook (37 percent) or Twitter (32 percent), and nearly as many who said they use Snapchat (73 percent) and Instagram (74 percent).

This near-ubiquity among teens inspires some very dedicated players, with 17 percent saying they play once a day or more, 16 percent who play a few times a week, and seven percent who play once a week. Another 21 percent play less often than weekly, and 40 percent of teens who have ever played Fortnite say they don’t play anymore—both indicators that the game’s reach has spread far beyond its most dedicated players.

Video game consoles are the most popular device teens are using to play Fortnite, used by 69 percent of teens. Nearly half of teens (46 percent) say they’ve played on their smartphone, which helps explain how so many (27 percent) can say they’ve played during class time (!) at school. Another 28 percent have played on a desktop or laptop computer, and eight percent on a tablet.

Among parents with children between the ages of 8 and 17, nearly half (45 percent) say one or more of their children has played Fortnite. Just over a quarter (27 percent) of parents whose children play Fortnite say they have played the game themselves. Teens agree—most (77 percent) say they’ve never played Fornite with a parent or other adult.