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13 thoughts on “7 Practical Steps to Create an Effective SurveyMonkey Survey

  1. Harjeet Kaur says:

    I have an employee survey that I usually do every few years (on paper). I am thinking of using Survey Monkey to collect this data this year but I want it in the same format as what we have to be able to do a comparison.

    Can you direct me to someone who can give me a hand with the survey and if Survey Monday can do what I need the survey to do.


    1. Anne R says:

      Hi Harjeet–we would love to help. Check out our survey design services–you can send us your survey from the past and our team will put it into SurveyMonkey for you (and customize with your company logo, etc.) You can learn more here:

  2. Joy Foster says:


    I’d like to follow your blog without having to come to the website all the time but I can’t find a link to subscribe via email. Am I missing something?


    1. Anne R says:

      Hi Joy–we currently don’t have an email subscription for just our blog, but appreciate the suggestion! We do send monthly newsletters to all of our customers (including those on our free plan), and include links to our blog articles there. Would RSS work for you in the meantime for the blog?

  3. Joy Foster says:

    I also tried to repost this blog for my followers but it wouldn’t let me… I help people with this kind of stuff and thought they might find this useful, not sure why you didn’t want this repressed.

    1. Anne R says:

      Hi Joy–thanks for wanting to share this content! You’re welcome to re-post. We’ll see if we can make it easier for you to do so, but in the meantime, please feel free to share out whatever content is most helpful to the people you work with.

  4. RhysEW says:

    I’ve decided that if a respondent is willing to give up his/her time and complete my survey that I, as courtesy, email them thank-you note that includes a summary of the survey conclusions together with a link to the full report. It’s particulary easy to do if the respondents have provided an email address. However, if the survey was anonymous, I send the note, summary and links to all on the original mailing list.

  5. RhysEW says:

    Living in Wales, we create bilingual surveys. However, as far as I can see, Surveymonkey cannot merge and auto-report on the responses to a set of question posed in two languages.
    So I use simple HTML Tags to separate Welsh and English Q&As. eg

    Pa rai o’r canlynol wnaethoch chi fel canlyniad i’r gweithgareddau hyn?

    Which of the following did you do as a result of these activities?

    It works well although its tedious when the standard size of text boxes make it difficult to view the imputed text in its entirety.

    The standard pdf reports produced are usually very acceptable.

  6. RhysEW says:

    To the Blog Administrator.
    Re my “Living in Wales, we create bilingual surveys” contrubution. Unfortunately the HTML tags that I included in the text are not displaying on the blog, which makes my comment rather pointless.

    1. Anne R says:

      Hi Rhys–if you get a chance, will you try again? The tags never came through on our end either. Thanks so much!

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