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February Wrap-up

WATCH: February Blog Wrap-up

That's right, the end of February is here. This month in addition to candy hearts, chocolate and Valentines on our minds, we of course have love---lots of love---on our monkey brains. Specifically, our love...

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Valentines Day

How Much Do Men & Women Spend on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is about being together, but our survey of 300+ Americans showed some real differences between how much men and women spend on Valentine’s day. We found people who love showing off their...

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Will you?

Survey Says: On Valentine’s Day, Men Have Bigger Hearts

Valentine’s Day might have begun with a hit and not a kiss. Some historians believe the holiday is loosely tied to Lupercalia, a Roman fête that was held between February 13 and 15. During the festivities, women...

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Where's the love?

Where Is the Love: Is Dating As We Know it Still Alive?

Well hello there, Cupid! Valentine's Day is right around the corner and whether you're partnered up or free as a bird--swapping stories of first love, sharing those butterfly-in-the-stomach moments or comparing awesome/bad first date...

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