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4 mistakes to avoid when creating online application forms

4 mistakes to avoid when creating online application forms

Creating effective and user-friendly online application forms is crucial in today's challenging recruiting environment. However, organizations often make many common mistakes when designing online forms, leading to confusion and frustration for potential applications. 

When designing online forms and application processes for applicants, be sure to avoid these common pitfalls:

Including a feature for users to upload documents or images directly within the application is crucial if your application requires further documentation. Be sure to inform applicants of the document's purpose, why it is necessary, and what measures are in place to safeguard their privacy and data security.

It can be useful to offer applicants the ability to save their application progress to continue where they left off rather than starting over from the beginning. This feature is particularly helpful for longer applications or situations where the applicant needs to gather additional information. 

Confirming the receipt of an applicant's form is crucial once it is submitted. Be sure to redirect applicants to a thank you page acknowledging their submission, then email them to confirm that their application has been received. This email should also outline the next steps in the application process. 

By maintaining clear communication, you will demonstrate to your applicants that you respect their time and effort, and they’ll have insight into the next steps of the application process. 

To ensure that your application is processed smoothly, ensure that you ask for the right information in your application form. Depending on the purpose of your online application, the type of information you need to collect may vary widely. For example, if it's a job application, you'll likely need their employment history, while a rental application may require you to ask for their rental history.

However, you should always obtain some fundamental information, such as the applicant's complete name, contact details, and current address. 

What should your application form look like? Try these examples of online application forms: 

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