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Measuring Attitude Change. The Right Way.

Edith is an advertising executive with a big new account: TastyTaste. TastyTaste is a giant soft-drink company in a big sales slump. To resurrect their brand appeal, TastyTaste is launching a brand-new product: FizzyCoffee....

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Final Exams: SurveyMonkey Style

‘Tis the season! Final exam season. So, consider this blog post your bluebook, and here is the one open-ended question that requires you to cough up every bit of learning you’ve done this year: What’s...

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Survey Makeover Episode 2: Setting Your Survey’s Tone

Welcome back to Survey Makeover, where we take real customer surveys and give them a methodology makeover! In our first episode, survey design experts Amy and Liana revamped an employee feedback survey. Now they're...

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Get Better Data and Simplify Analysis: Qualitative vs. Quantitative Questions

Lisa works in Human Resources at Widgets, Inc. Lately, she’s heard rumblings that employees are unhappy with their supervisors, but she’s not sure why. Determined to find out what’s going wrong, she sets up...

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Once Upon a Time...

Looks Do Matter: Survey Formatting Made Easy

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Solid advice. However, we’ve all found our eyes inexplicably drawn to that book with the flashy, brightly colored cover. But being affected by looks doesn’t stop there....

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But I don't drink wine!

Keep Your Survey Responses Relevant: Say Hello to Skip Logic

Imagine that you’re talking to your friend, Wendy. She brings up wine tasting and asks which vineyards you have visited. You politely reply that you don’t drink so you've never been. Wendy, however, keeps...

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Comparing Isn’t Always a Piece of Cake: Ranking vs. Rating Explained

We're still a few days away from the weekend and we've already got cake on the brain, dear survey fans. Comparisons are a basic impulse. Tell your friend you like angel food cake and she...

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