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Top 5 Survey Tips of 2014

As some of you may already know, our team of Customer Engagement monkeys are truly a dedicated and hard-working bunch. And one of our favorite things to do on the blog is to share...

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Surveys in Action: Recent Favorites from Our Customers

You’re pretty impressive. You, dear customers, have been creating some pretty incredible surveys. And we’ve definitely been noticing. Every day, we get the privilege of seeing tons of thoughtfully crafted, well-designed surveys. So, rather than keep...

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But I don't drink wine!

Keep Your Survey Responses Relevant: Say Hello to Skip Logic

Imagine that you’re talking to your friend, Wendy. She brings up wine tasting and asks which vineyards you have visited. You politely reply that you don’t drink so you've never been. Wendy, however, keeps...

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Outside Lands

Outside Lands Draws Music Fans (and Monkeys)

We monkeys love to dance and will take any excuse to play around outside, so when we heard about this year’s Outside Lands Music Festival, we stopped monkeying around and started making plans! Outside Lands...

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Customer Spotlight: BestVendor Is Open for Business—Literally!

Here at SurveyMonkey, there’s nothing we love more than seeing the innovative ways our customers build and implement their surveys. When we saw how BestVendor—a NYC-based startup that’s building Yelp-like purchasing resources for startups...

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Customer Service Feedback Survey Example

Gathering feedback when it's fresh is always a good idea. When it comes to customer service, the freshest feedback often comes right after you've finished helping a customer with her issue. That's a good...

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Skip Logic Made Easier

We’ve been hearing for a while from our customers that one of our most powerful features, skip logic, was also one of the most daunting to use. Adding skip logic to questions is powerful...

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