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Sampling frame_1

Why Sampling Matters: The Secret to Success in Our Election Day Predictions

This year we reprised our election project to predict the outcomes of the Virginia and New Jersey gubernatorial elections. We are proud to report that we correctly predicted the winners, and were within a...

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Election Results

Election Day Spoiler Alert: We Won!

You’ve heard of the raw foods movement? Well, we here at SurveyMonkey are officially launching the raw data movement. We're pleased to announce that our Internet poll successfully predicted the winners of the gubernatorial...

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Politics and Drinking

How Your Drinking Habits Match Up with Your Politics

Turns out Republicans can't hold their liquor and Democrats tend to be day drinkers. See what else we uncovered along with BuzzFeed on people's drinking habits and their politics....

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Are Democrats More Depressed Than Republicans? BuzzFeed and SurveyMonkey Find Out…

After the week the Obama administration has faced, depression seems like an unfortunate inevitability for the Democratic Party. Scandals aside, are Democrats actually more likely to be depressed because of their political affiliation? Republicans and...

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