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Get Your Ranking On: We Show You How!

So you want to know what people like the best, right? What sweet treat is considered the crème de la crème of your fave restaurant’s dessert list? Who do your students think should get...

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Brand New Survey Questions & Templates Ready To Go in Question Bank

Writing a survey can sometimes feel a little tough. Say you've got your goal in mind, you know what you want to ask your respondents but just feeling a bit stumped on how to...

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Get Better Data and Simplify Analysis: Qualitative vs. Quantitative Questions

Lisa works in Human Resources at Widgets, Inc. Lately, she’s heard rumblings that employees are unhappy with their supervisors, but she’s not sure why. Determined to find out what’s going wrong, she sets up...

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A Great Survey is Like a Great Conversation–Here’s What We Mean!

Think of a survey as a (slightly one-sided) conversation. One person asks the questions, the other one answers them. Great and smart surveys, much like great and smart conversations, have a natural flow and feel. So,...

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Survey? That’s so…90’s.

Why survey, when you can post on Facebook, tweet, or blog? The simple answer: none of the above offer the data you need to make critical decisions. Survey questions focus the human mind on particular contexts,...

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