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Putting Matrix Grids to the Test

When creating questions for your survey, you may be tempted to put them in matrix grids. After all, they’re faster and easier to create, and studies have found that respondents fill them out more...

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Just Back from the ESOMAR 3D Conference

Two weeks ago, I attended the ESOMAR 3D conference. About half of the conference was dedicated to presentations that focused on an emerging method to get people more engaged as research study participants. Another...

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Do They Really Want a Coffee Maker?

The center of any scientific endeavor typically features two smaller questions; a) are these two groups different and b) how would we know if any differences we observe are actually real? For example, if...

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All Panels Are Not Created Equal: The Wisdom of our Crowds

Panels.  An entire industry exists solely for the purposes of providing interviewees to survey researchers. Each firm has its own way of recruiting people to take surveys and those differences do, in fact, cause...

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Don’t Know?

Don’t know whether to include a “Don’t Know” (or “Not Applicable”) response option for one of your questions? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Here are some do’s and don’ts. The debate about whether to include...

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Yes, There is a Right and Wrong Way to Number Rating Scales

Once we've identified a specific construct of interest, the question becomes; ‘how many scale points?’ There's an easy way to decide. All constructs are either bipolar or unipolar and the number of scale points we...

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SurveyMonkey’s Own Customer Satisfaction Survey as an Example

As part of our effort this month to share survey examples to show the variety of ways customers use SurveyMonkey to gather feedback and insights, we thought we'd share something near and dear to us: our own Customer Satisfaction Survey (fondly know by our team as our CSAT). Developed by Dr. Phil Garland, our VP of Methodology, and launched on our site by Phill Ludwig, our Principal User Interface designer, we are using this survey to measure on-going customer satisfaction with our website...

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