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Online Marketplace for Graphic Designers Uses SurveyMonkey Audience to Improve Designer Outreach Efforts

99designs-- the leading online marketplace for crowd-sourced graphic design-- provides their customers with the ability to source original graphic design work quickly and inexpensively. Every five seconds, a new design is uploaded to their site...

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SurveyMonkey is Now Federal Government Approved

Big news for all of you U.S. government survey makers out there! The SurveyMonkey you know, love and have used over the past many years is now an official government service provider. SurveyMonkey has agreed...

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Get The Most Bang Out Of Your Survey: A Brief Introduction To TrueSample

Let’s say you want to ask 1,000 people that represent the US population a question – whether a particular brand of toothpaste will sell, or which car color they prefer, for example – so...

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Survey Responses: Can You Have Too Much Of A Good Thing?

So your friend Barney is single on Valentine’s Day (again). He insists, however, that it is not due to his lack of appeal, but simply to the fact that he doesn’t try to get...

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Put a Survey on It: Our Revamped MailChimp Integration

We are huge fans of the offbeat comedy, Portlandia. Not only is it hilarious sketch comedy at its finest, but it highlights Portland, a city that is near and dear to our heart, since...

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Guest Blogger: Dorian W-K, CEO & Chief Kid at

Is it worth it? My dad and I threw that question around a lot. That was because we knew people liked the idea for our startup, but we did not know enough about how...

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