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2015 business climate

3 Reasons to be Optimistic About the Business Climate in 2015

Now that the holidays are behind us, ‘tis the season to plan out our 2015. With uncertainties ranging from plummeting gas prices to the effectiveness of a deeply divided federal government, the business climate could...

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Future Gazing-survey-monkey

Expert Advice: Strategic Listening is the Secret to Business Success

Hey there, marketing mavens and business buffs! Whether you help run a small startup or champion a Fortune 500 company, it’s always a good idea to keep an ear to the ground--so you can...

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Peter Post

WATCH: Peter Post, Director of the Emily Post Institute Talks Business Etiquette

Recently we had the pleasure of having Peter Post, Director of the Emily Post Institute and great-grandson of Emily Post, swing by SurveyMonkey headquarters to share some of his expert insights on business etiquette in...

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Antal Russia

Spotlight on Antal Russia: How an International Recruitment Firm Uses SurveyMonkey

Last fall, our main monkey Dave Goldberg, had the honor of speaking at the technology and entrepreneurship conference--Digital October--located in the heart of Moscow. During his time there, Dave had the opportunity to meet...

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Customer Spotlight: Pam Webber of weeDECOR

Pam Webber, formerly a marketer at PayPal and eBay, recently decided to make a life change and start her own business. She started weeDECOR, which offers fun, customizable, removable decals for children's rooms. But Pam...

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How to Make the Most of Custom URLs

Custom URLs can be extremely helpful in engaging respondents for your survey. Custom URLs allow you to create a specific, memorable URL that not only communicates what your survey is about, but can also...

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