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Does tech distract you while studying?

How is Technology Being Used in the Classroom?

If you’re a regular here (and we sure hope you are), then you know it’s no secret that we love to talk about education. And specifically, how technology in education plays a role both...

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Galaxy S5

What’s the State of the Smartphone?

Our main monkey, Dave Goldberg, stopped by Bloomberg West to chat with Emily Chang about his recent trip to Barcelona for this year's Mobile World Congress and talk about the state of the latest smartphones. Specifically,...

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Connected Homes

Do Americans Want a Connected Lifestyle?

As the tech landscape continues to evolve and shape-shift, we wanted to find out how Americans feel about the growing trend of smart homes, smart cars and more. Our CEO, Dave Goldberg, shared our...

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What rooms should be smarter?

Smart Homes, Smart Cars, Smart Appliances: Are Consumers Ready?

When you were young, did you ever wonder what the future might look like? Would you be dropping the kids off to school in your flying minivan? In the future, perhaps the age-old daily...

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XBox One vs. PS4

The Console Wars: XBox One vs. PS4

Which of these two consoles are video game fans excited about the most? Will people be lining up in droves to purchase or not? Using SurveyMonkey Audience–a powerful online product designed to collect data from a...

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Shakedown on Video Games

XBox One vs. PS4: Consumers Weigh In

Big news for video game lovers--For the first time in seven years, both Microsoft and Sony have brand new consoles on the market. Microsoft's Xbox One hit shelves Friday for $500 and a week...

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State of Streaming TV

What’s the State of Streaming TV? American Viewers Weigh In

This week, our chief monkey, Dave Goldberg visited Bloomberg West for this month's SurveyMonkey Shakedown to talk the state of streaming TV with Jon Erlichman. In the world of TV and media, it's become much...

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