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SurveyMonkey Must-See TV

WATCH: Must-See SurveyMonkey TV

It’s been a long winter, but spring is almost here! And you know what else that means...time for spring cleaning. So in that spirit, we decided to clear out some of the cobwebs from...

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Creating a Practical Survey: How to Polish Your Survey Design

SurveyMonkey provides you the tools to create a survey, collect responses, and analyze the data. Take your design experience a step further by using specific features to fine-tune your survey presentation. A clean design...

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How Many People Do I Need to Take My Survey?

Great question! If you don't have a sample size calculator at the ready, we’ve got a handy-dandy table with the answers. To use the table, just ask yourself two questions: How many people are in...

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Creating a Practical Survey: The Effect of Survey Design on Data Presentation

The types of questions you create in a survey play an important role in what the data looks like in the Analyze section (and also in the download formats!). Depending on what you want...

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How to Gather More Useful Feedback for Your Business

Recently, SurveyMonkey's CEO, Dave Goldberg, was featured on MSNBC's "Your Business." Hosted by JJ Ramberg, "Your Business" provides information and advice to help small businesses grow and thrive. Check out Dave's interview where he provided...

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4 Best Practices for Survey Privacy

As we have mentioned in previous posts, SurveyMonkey takes privacy seriously, and we would like to help our customers to do the same. Survey participants want to know what will happen to their survey...

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Customer Spotlight: KIPP Houston

KIPP, the Knowledge Is Power Program, is a national network of free, open-enrollment, college-preparatory public schools with a track record of preparing students in under-served communities for success in college and in life. There are currently 99 KIPP schools in 20 states and the District of Columbia serving more than 27,000 students. KIPP was recently featured in the documentary film, "Waiting for Superman," and is an organization we here at SurveyMonkey are big fans of (our Bay Area team recently toured KIPP Heartwood in San Jose, CA and loved the experience). KIPP Houston recently used Precision Polling to reach out by phone to survey parents...

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