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SurveyMonkey’s March Madness Tournament: Monkey Madness!

How's your March Madness bracket looking? Busted? You’re not alone. As usual, there have been quite a few unpredictable upsets in the first three rounds of the tournament.  But don’t fret because you have been given a...

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How to Get More From Your Surveys

If you've ever wondered when and why you might want to use advanced survey features for your next survey, wonder no more. We've put together a survey that demonstrates our most popular advanced logic,...

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New Advanced Logic Feature: Question Randomization

Over the last week, I've been sharing some updates on our new advanced logic features.  Now that you've seen what piping can do, and how random assignment works, it's time for us to tackle...

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New! Categorize Your Open-Ended Text Responses

Categorizing, or coding, text responses is a common way to systematically analyze the feedback in open-ended answers. And now you can do it all right in SurveyMonkey–no downloading and no manual counting! There are a few different ways to put a text response into a category...

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New! Get a Quick Summary of Your Open-Ended Text Responses

A common problem for surveyors is: What to do with all those comments? Sometimes the most valuable information you get from your survey respondents is from open-ended text answers. But how do you get at all of that valuable information, especially when you have hundreds or thousands of responses? With our new Text Analysis features...

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