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How Do People Prefer to Treat Allergies?

The season of runny noses and watery eyes is upon us once more--allergy season! Every year, millions of people suffer from seasonal allergies and every year there's a rush for over-the-counter and prescription remedies....

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ChickTech: High School

Increasing Gender Diversity in Tech with ChickTech and SurveyMonkey

We monkeys love the opportunity to support the innovative work that community groups are doing to get younger generations--girls in particular--pumped about technology.

ChickTech is a non-profit organization based in Portland, Oregon and is dedicated to increasing...

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Does tech distract you while studying?

How is Technology Being Used in the Classroom?

If you’re a regular here (and we sure hope you are), then you know it’s no secret that we love to talk about education. And specifically, how technology in education plays a role both...

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Inspired? Create your own survey.