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Help! I Can’t Login To My Account

Help! I Can’t Login To My Account

LoginYou’ve tried it all. Your mom’s birthday…your favorite color…your pet’s name…the year you graduated college, and still–FAIL. You can’t login to your SurveyMonkey account!

We’ve all been there and we know how frustrating that can be. The last thing we want is for you to be wasting precious time on trying to remember your username and password. So before you throw the computer out the window, let’s go over some easy steps to help you get back into your account.

1. Username can be key. It’s tempting to jump to the conclusion that our password is the culprit in these situations. You may be surprised to know that many times it’s due to using an incorrect username. The great news is, as long as you know the email address associated with the account, you can retrieve all usernames associated with that email.

When you enter your email address into the password recovery page, you’ll be sent a list of usernames that are associated with that email address. If retrieving the username doesn’t resolve the issue, then you’ll want to return to the password recovery page and enter your username. We will then email you a link to reset your password, and this will take you directly into your account.

2. Where is my password being sent? Another common area of confusion is who the password retrieval link will be sent to. When requesting your username or password, the information will only be sent to the email address that is listed as the main contact email on the account. This person is considered the account owner. We will not send the password to the person listed as the billing contact, even if they are the primary card holder. Please be sure to keep record of who is listed as the contact email, and who is listed as the billing contact.

3. Clearing Those Pesky Cookies. Sometimes your browsers don’t like to play nice when it comes to logging into accounts. Browsers store what are called Cookies. While they can be as pleasant as those tasty chocolate chip treats, they can give you issues if we have too many. Instead of recognizing the password you’re entering, the browser may be drawing on an outdated cookie, which in turn will prevent you from logging in. This can be quickly remedied by clearing your current cache and cookies, or simply trying a different browser.

Pro Tip: Always keep a current version of your login details in a safe, and secure place for reference. This will help avoid any lengthy account take over processes.

Hopefully with these tips in mind, you’ll save yourself the pain of the dreaded forgotten login.

If you get stuck anywhere along the way, don’t hesitate to check out our Help Center for more details or just let us know in the Comments below.

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  • disqus_RWI3YmaXom

    Not working

  • Amina

    what to do when even they dont respond and it is basically an account for my hospital!!!??? I have put in all the email addresses I could possibly think of and nothing works. I dont know whats wrong. I have paid with my credit card for the membership so I can be reimbursed by the hospital. now when I need to send the survey to people it is not allowing me to log in. I actually have designed the survey and it is just sitting there till someone from Survey monkey responds to my emails. I am sooo disappointed at their service!

    • kaytek

      Hi Amina! We’re sorry for the frustration. Have you checked to make sure our responses from support have not ended up in your spam folder? Also, if you are emailing from a protected IP address or if your work puts any firewalls in place, our emails can tend to be blocked as well.

      We’ll reach out to our team once more to see what’s up.

  • Alex Connor

    We had a staff member leave and move overseas and we don’t have the log in details. It’s her email address to recovery goes to, an address that’s disabled. Is there any other way to retrieve information?

    • MFsurveymonkey

      Hi Alex! The password reset email does go automatically to the email address listed in the account.
      Given your situation, this sounds like a job for our super support team! Please reach out to us on the following link, so we can help you further:

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