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Best Practices for a Survey Introduction

Best Practices for a Survey Introduction

Creating a survey introduction is the first step of our 7-step checklist for creating effective surveys. It’s a good idea to start your survey with an introduction that explains the purpose of your survey. Without an introduction, respondents might not know what the survey is for, who is sending it, and what will happen with their responses. Many participants like some kind of assurance about what will happen to the data they share. Providing this  information before the survey starts can help ease concerns and speed respondents along.

The following are some popular use cases of when to include an introduction:

What to Include in the Introduction:
  1. Name of the organization conducting the survey.
  2. Contact information for the survey creator (e.g. email address or phone number).
  3. Confidentiality information and how the data collected will be used.
  4. An estimate of how long the survey might take.
  5. Information in regards to any kind of incentive or prize for taking the survey.
  6. Instructions on how to move through the survey.
Example Introduction

Have tips for a great survey introduction or an example you’d like to share? Please post in the comments below.

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  • The survey is very important because with it, we can get good feedback about what we have in mind.

    • Excellent! I just last night had a phone call saying some company was doing a survey, but when asked “for what?”, the response was just a survey. My response was a hang-up.

  • Sicco Jan

    is it possible to filter your database and show what the effect of adhering to best practises is?
    In this case, what increase in response can be shown for surveys including an introduction?
    BTW. I immediately believe that an introduction is inviting in responding to a survey request. I can not think of any reason why to leave it out. It is polite to include to say the least. Perhaps best practises then also boil down to netiquette.

  • Dani

    Can you advise me in in the criteria of creating a worthwhile title for a survey?

  • Wade F. Morris

    I am working on my dissertation and the university requires that I use an inform consent form at the beginning of each survey. I am confused as to how to input the form on SurveyMonkey. Please advise.

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Inspired? Create your own survey.

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Ever wonder what SurveyMonkey's really made of?

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