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The Daily Q: customer service, event planning, Darth Vader’s new gig and more

The Daily Q: customer service, event planning, Darth Vader’s new gig and more

This post was written by associate social media manager Eliza Singleton.

The Daily Q is our new social media series that polls our Twitter and Instagram audiences on everything from current events to trending topics. With nearly 180,000 survey participants in counting, we’ve gathered our favorite hot takes and insights from May and recapped them all here for you.

  1. More people are scared of poor customer service than clowns.

It’s tough to beat the fear factor of creepy crawlies and public speaking, but we also found that twice as many people are scared of poor customer service than clowns. 

Make sure your customer service isn’t keeping your customers up at night by checking out our customer satisfaction surveys that help you measure how happy your customers are with your product or service.

P.S. These templates are also fully customizable, so for any of our professional clown users, maybe try getting to the bottom of people’s fears.

  1. People like to support small businesses that support their local economy.

In honor of Small Business Week, we dedicated our channels to small businesses for the whole first week of May. This poll found that people love supporting their local economy by buying products that are locally sourced. 

If you’re a small business, make your product the best it can be by sending a product feedback survey to find out what your customers love about your product and what they want to see in the future.

  1. Darth Vader’s side hustle is more exciting than we thought.

Our instincts told us that if Darth Vader didn’t choose the dark side, he would choose a much more relaxed lifestyle, but our social media audience thought otherwise. Blame the alliteration of a great title or just the unbreakable bond of father and son, but it looks like a life of adventure in the sky is destined for Vader, no matter the universe. 

  1. Working in-budget is the biggest challenge for event hosts.

When it comes to event planning, overspending is clearly a key challenge. Between food, decor, venue, and invitations, all those little pieces start to add up quickly—and it’s hard to know what things will cost until you start shopping. Event planning in general is all about tracking many different things at once and making sure all the right parts come together at the right time.

If you’re finding it difficult to juggle all the tasks associated with planning a successful event, you’re not alone. Sending a survey can help you make your next event a hit from start to finish. Check out our event planning resources so you can plan an epic event that people are sure to remember!

  1. Over half of the people we surveyed said that they never open up about their mental health with their manager.

When you’re in a leadership position, it's important to create an environment where your employees can be honest about their mental health. Not only will this help create a more open and trusting work environment, but setting and managing expectations with employees based on how they’re really doing can help boost engagement and productivity in the long-term. 

Mental health has held such a stigma for so long, that many people are scared to bring their authentic self to work. But the reality is that most people do experience some types of mental health crises. In a recent Momentive study, it was the number one reason that people were planning to quit their jobs. It’s up to employers—including managers—to set things right for their employees.

If you personally need help understanding how your employees or co-workers feel, check out our free employee satisfaction survey.