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Introducing SurveyMonkey’s 2022 Presidential Approval Tracker

Introducing SurveyMonkey’s 2022 Presidential Approval Tracker

A presidential approval rating is always a headline number, and around elections it takes on even more outsized attention. After all, it’s often seen as a leading indicator of results (full look here). 

But assessments of presidential performance aren’t well summarized by a single numerical expression. The real value is in the detail: who supports the president, who doesn’t and why? These are the types of inquiries that lead to a better understanding not just of campaigns but also of the country itself. 

So here, we’ve assembled the first of two dashboards so you can dive into the details behind the types of people who approve of Joe Biden’s performance as president. The data here represent more than 1.2 million interviews we’ve conducted from the start of the Biden presidency to now. 

The main map opens with a display of Biden’s approval rating nationally and for each of the 50 states over the last 28 days. You can toggle to view a month-by-month view, if you choose. Use the dropdowns at the right to subset the results by demographics or just among registered voters. 

At the bottom left, you can look at further demographic cuts side by side. At the bottom right, track trend over time since January 2021. If you select a state in the map, the bottom two components will update to reflect that selection. 

We’ll be updating these views regularly. (Read more about how we collect data here.)

Happy parsing, and please reach out with any feedback.