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Work together from start to finish

From your first draft to final report, keeping everyone involved and on the same page is painless.

  • Share a preview of your survey with anyone for total transparency and buy-in
  • Invite comments on the design and results, and keep feedback all in one place
  • Set up response alerts to send stakeholders daily updates and notifications with quick links to results

Create and analyze together

A team plan empowers your whole team to create and analyze surveys, whether working together or separately. Team plans include our most advanced collaboration features and simple admin tools to help you work more efficiently.

  • Enable others to edit and send surveys
  • Apply advanced permission controls to share only what you want
  • Filter results for deeper analysis, then create reports with only the findings you want to share
  • Create a custom team library to keep and share templates and assets you use all the time
  • Easily add or change team members at any time

Collaborate at scale with Workgroups

Make it easy for your team to collaborate on surveys—even if your team is large and spread out across departments. A centralized dashboard makes it easy to control access and permissions.

  • Grant permissions by role so your workgroup can share and interact with survey data with the right level of access
  • Maintain control and manage interactions to ensure that confidential survey data is secure and in the hands of the right users
  • Share surveys, add new users, and instantly give everyone in your workgroup access to multiple surveys
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SurveyMonkey works where you do

You’re already using collaboration tools to work on team projects, so why should you go anywhere else to collaborate on your surveys? Thanks to integrations with popular collaboration apps, you don’t have to.

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  • Instantly send a poll to one of your Slack channels by typing /ask
  • Share a preview of surveys and results to a contact or a channel
  • Automatically notify stakeholders when new responses come in
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Office 365

  • Log in with Office 365 and invite team members in your directory to collaborate on a survey
  • Work together on survey projects in Microsoft Teams
  • Save and share with OneDrive
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Google Drive

  • Save surveys with your other project files on Google Drive
  • Invite others to view, comment, and even edit with select plans
  • Automatically save all future surveys in your Google Drive
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Features for all types of collaborations

With colleagues

  • Seamless teamwork: Collaborate with the apps you already use
  • Customizable views: Keep sensitive data private by creating different views for different people
  • Consistent brand: Create a custom team library and share survey templates and assets across your organization

With clients

  • Organized feedback: Share a preview, then track and save comments right in your survey
  • Instant updates: Set alerts so your client is immediately notified as results come in
  • Be proactive: Solicit feedback before you share your final report to identify stand-out results and questions

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