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OptionB.Org|SurveyMonkey poll: supports through a challenging year

OptionB.Org|SurveyMonkey poll: supports through a challenging year

A difficult year with major struggles or challenges for many (80%), fully 81% received some form of support, with nearly half getting more support this year than in years past, according to a new OptionB.Org|SurveyMonkey poll.

The top cited challenges include:

  • Mental health issues (34%)
  • Job loss and/or financial hardship (27%)
  • Serious illness or injury to self or loved ones (25%)
  • Death of a family member or close friend (25%). 

With nearly half saying this holiday season will be more difficult than previous years, it is promising that vast majorities have shown up for one another to provide support in 2020, and 62% say they have given more support this year than they had previously. Not only are family members (70%) and friends (55%) showing up, but so are neighbors (21%) and colleagues/bosses (14%).

This holiday season, many in our survey find simple actions to be the most meaningful ways to show support:

  • Reaching out just to say they are thinking of you (39%)
  • Texting or calling regularly to check in on you (30%)
  • Acknowledge your struggles and/or validating your feelings (24%). 

For full results, click through the interactive toplines below.
Read more about our polling methodology here