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Simian synergy—a MailChimp + SurveyMonkey update

Simian synergy—a MailChimp + SurveyMonkey update

A few weeks ago, we announced the debut of the best partnership since Ben met Jerry. That’s right—the new primate power couple: MailChimp and SurveyMonkey! The excitement we’ve been feeling about this new offering can be measured in the sheer volume of monkey-themed puns that have been flying back and forth between our offices since we introduced this awesome Ape-PI (sorry, couldn’t resist).

We’ve been getting a ton of great feedback from our users and are thrilled to report that almost 1,300 of you have linked your two accounts and deployed surveys that have reached thousands of respondents. As they say over at MailChimp, that’s definitely worthy of a resounding “Eep! Eep!”

In order to properly celebrate this monkey marriage, our friends at MailChimp decided to give away this commemorative t-shirt to 500 lucky users.

And then, they sent over a batch to us!  Pretty good-looking group of primates, don’t you think?

Were you lucky enough to score a MailChimp + SurveyMonkey t-shirt? If so, send us a picture: marketing@surveymonkey.com

If this is the first you’re hearing about this monkey business (really, that’s the last one), then more information about the partnership can be found in our original post or in Mailchimp’s awesome post courtesy of Ben.

If you have any questions about the MailChimp + SurveyMonkey integration, ask away in the comments section below.