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Interactive Crosstabs: Biden’s Approval Rating from SurveyMonkey

Interactive Crosstabs: Biden’s Approval Rating from SurveyMonkey

In 2020, we put SurveyMonkey’s immense respondent scale to use and published a daily election map dashboard showing the expected vote split between Joe Biden and Donald Trump for each state. This year, we’re publishing a similar state-by-state map with approval ratings for President Biden, available here

But wait, there’s more! In this post, we share another, more traditional crosstab view of our presidential approval data. This dashboard looks at just our most recent 28 days of data, with even more filters and cuts available than what we have in our map view. 

Select your population of interest—whether it’s all adults in the U.S., registered voters, or voters in a particular state—using the dropdowns at the top. As in our map, you can filter by demographic characteristics or party identification, too. 

We’ll be updating these views regularly. (Read more about how we collect data here.)

Happy exploring.