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Axios|SurveyMonkey poll: urban/rural impressions

Axios|SurveyMonkey poll: urban/rural impressions

Rural residents are less likely to think stereotypes would favor them positively than urban or suburbanites.

Overall, majorities think that people from other areas of the country would view them positively. 

  • Fully 72 percent of people living in urban and suburban areas think they would be seen positively. 
  • Still a majority but fewer (63%) among rural and suburbanites think people living in urban areas would few them favorably. 
  • However, among people from rural areas alone, they are more likely to think urbanites would view them negatively if all that was known was where they lived. Fully 43% of rural Americans think major urban city dwellers would view them at least somewhat negatively. 

When You’re Strange

A majority of Americans agree that things have changed so much that they feel like a stranger in their own country (53%), and this feeling increases with age. This is pronounced for seniors in America (62%), a full 16 points greater than the youngest youngest cohort (46% among 18-24 year-olds). There is also variation by party identification and ideology with conservative Republicans 12pts. higher than liberal Democrats (59% vs. 47% agree) on feeling like a stranger at home.

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