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Axios|SurveyMonkey poll: post-Democratic National Convention

Axios|SurveyMonkey poll: post-Democratic National Convention

In the days immediately following the first-ever all-virtual Democratic National Convention, 55% of Democrats in a new Axios|SurveyMonkey poll say the Democratic Party is united now, up slightly from 50% last week. The biggest shift came among self-described “moderate” Democrats, 63% of whom now say the party is united (was 54% last week).

Nearly half of Democrats (48%) say they watched all or part of the DNC this year, and another 34% followed coverage of it. Among those Democrats who watched or followed coverage, 44% say that this year’s virtual convention was better than a traditional in-person convention (42% say it is about the same, and just 12% say it was worse). More than half of Democrats (52%) now have a more favorable view of the Democratic party after the convention; 42% say their view hasn’t changed; 5% have a less favorable view.

Favorability ratings for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris both edged higher among Democrats over the last week, with both getting five-point bump-ups in the percentage seeing them positively (Biden 80% to 85%, and Harris 72% to 77%). For Harris, the biggest change was on familiarity: a one-week, eight-point drop in the number of people who say they don’t have enough information to rate her, which fell from 27% to 19%. 

Among independents Biden gained 9 percentage points on favorability and shaved five off his negative ratings, yielding him a major improvement from -20 to -6 on NET favorability. Harris’ ratings are virtually unchanged among these potential key swing voters. 

Republicans soured further on the Democratic standard bearer, with a four-point jump in negatives for Biden. Before the convention, fully a quarter of all Republicans didn’t know enough about Harris to give her a rating; now that proportion has dropped in half, with the movement entirely to the negative: unfavorable views of Harris among Republicans shot up 14 points (from 68% to 82%).

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