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Axios|SurveyMonkey poll: Future of the GOP

Axios|SurveyMonkey poll: Future of the GOP

For all the media attention in recent days, Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene and Liz Cheney are two relative unknowns to those outside of the Beltway. In a new Axios|SurveyMonkey poll, just one in five Republicans and GOP leaners are willing to align themselves with either politician—15% with Greene, and 5% with Cheney—while the majority say their views aren’t in line with either woman’s views (30%) or that they don’t know enough to say (49%).

The two Congresswomen are still unfamiliar to many in the Republican Party. More Republicans than Democrats say they “don’t know enough” about Greene to be able to rate her as favorable or unfavorable (51% vs. 29%).

Greene and Congressman Kevin McCarthy both have positive favorability ratings among Republicans overall, while Cheney and Senator Mitch McConnell’s favorabilities are both underwater.

Democrats and Democratic leaners, unsurprisingly, give Greene a net negative favorability rating (62% unfavorable to 7% favorable), as do independents (22% unfavorable to 16% favorable). Just 29% of Democrats and Democratic leaners say they don’t know enough about Greene to rate her favorably than unfavorably, which means awareness of Greene is lower among those in her own party.

Those Republicans and Republican-leaning independents who consider themselves to be more aligned with Greene are more likely than the average Republican to espouse some of the more radical, anti-democratic beliefs in politics today. Seven in 10 who align themselves ideologically with Greene say they have lost faith in American democracy, and nearly half (47%) say that “a lot” of voter fraud happens in their state.

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