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Case Study

Service Credit Union mitigates COVID-19 risk with daily symptom tracking surveys

Service Credit Union received a mandate from the State of New Hampshire to mitigate the risk of COVID by surveying employees every day regarding their health status and possible COVID exposure. Service CU needed to capture the data in a way that was comprehensive, HIPAA-compliant, and simple for employees to use. The credit union also required fast-turn data summaries for reporting daily, weekly, and monthly results to the state. 

Service CU used SurveyMonkey Enterprise to rapidly create a logic-driven questionnaire, which its team distributes to employees every morning before they leave for work. Delivered to employees as a clickable text message or email, the convenient form and response mechanisms ensure 100% participation. Service CU has been using the solution since the pandemic’s early days and has been able to greatly minimize COVID exposures among the 650 employees in its branch network, leveraging SurveyMonkey to keep its workplaces safe.

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Learn how Service Credit Union mitigates COVID-19 risk with daily check-ins.