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AI in Marketing: Cut through the hype and harness the potential

You probably won’t lose your job to a chatbot, but you’ll likely have to work with one. It’s clear that most people realize the opportunities that AI can provide their companies when used effectively, even amid concerns that AI may overpower authentic human voices.

We surveyed 400 marketers about AI—their usage, their hopes, and their concerns. Watch this webinar to learn how marketers are using (or not using) AI today in the workplace, as well as how to strike the balance between utilizing AI alongside authentic inputs.

You’ll learn the following and much more:

  • How AI is already being used by marketing teams to give them a competitive advantage
  • Where and how marketers can successfully leverage authentic inputs along with artificial intelligence
  • How marketers can use AI to quickly collect feedback, unlock actionable insights, and create winning strategies
  • Learn how AI can help you build better surveys and get more precise insights