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The other AI: Why authentic input matters in the age of AI

You probably won’t lose your job to a chatbot, but you’ll likely have to work with one. It’s clear most people realize the opportunities that AI can provide their companies when used effectively, even amid concerns that AI may overpower authentic human input.

Join this lively conversation on the advantages and limits of AI in marketing, and how authentic human voices are key to strengthening your marketing strategy. We’ll review how marketers are using (or not using) AI in the workplace, as well as how to strike the balance between utilizing AI and authentic inputs.

You’ll learn the following and much more:

  • Why concerns that AI may overpower authentic human input are misplaced
  • Where AI is unlocking new experiences that weren’t possible before
  • Research on how AI is impacting marketing, the customer experience, and market research data
  • Where and how marketers can successfully leverage authentic inputs along with artificial intelligence