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Where do your SurveyMonkey Contribute donations go?

Where do your SurveyMonkey Contribute donations go?

We just sent out our quarterly checks to our charity partners and are pleased to announce that our awesome SurveyMonkey Contribute members raised a grand total of $119,846 for the months of July to September 2012!

As a reminder, every time one of our Contribute members takes an opinion survey, SurveyMonkey donates $0.50 to a charity of their choice. And what kinds of charities are our members supporting? We decided to break down donations amongst different causes and created a handy little chart to see where they went:

At 29%, charities for animals are certainly close to many of our Contribute members’ hearts! Youth charities are a close second at 27% and Arts & Education also took a significant portion of the donations with 16%.

Do you see some categories that you would like to see take a bigger piece of the donation pie? Sign up to be a Contribute member and you’ll get to choose a charity that supports a cause that’s important to you. We have over 30 world class charity partners to choose from.

  1. Sign up to be a member of SurveyMonkey Contribute.
  2. Use SurveyMonkey Audience the next time you need respondents for your surveys and support great charities at the same time.

Do you have any questions about SurveyMonkey Contribute? How about feedback on the charities or causes you would like to see? Let us know in the comments section below.