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SurveyMonkey poll: Who cares about the institutional experience in higher education?

SurveyMonkey poll: Who cares about the institutional experience in higher education?

The answer is, “It depends who you ask”. In a new SurveyMonkey Audience poll, we asked students, faculty, and staff about their experience, how they’re feeling at their school, and in what areas their school needs to take more action. 

Here’s what we learned…

  1. Students are more likely to feel like their school cares about them than faculty or staff, and yet few think leaders know what matters to them. 
    • Just under half (45%) think their school cares about their experience very much.  
    • Only one-quarter (25%) of students think campus leaders are very aware of what matters to them. 
    • Some differences by level emerged as well, with 28% of grad students and just 22% of undergrads thinking leaders are very aware of what matters to them.
  1. Effectively turning feedback into action means also communicating any outcomes or changes based on the feedback you received. 
    • In this case, we are looking at students, faculty, and staff as the “givers of feedback” in a school environment.
    • With almost all students saying they receive surveys about their school experience, only 66% believe their school acts on their feedback at least some of the time, and 34% believe the school never acts on the feedback, or are unsure if they do. 
    • Faculty and staff alike make it a point to regularly take action based on student feedback, with 81% of faculty doing so “almost all the time” or “most of the time” (58% among staff).
    • However, just 25% of staff and 22% of faculty overall say their school takes action regularly based on their own, the staff and faculty, feedback. For 20% of full-time faculty and 25% of staff, they don’t see their feedback turned into action at all, or are unsure if it’s turned into action. 

This survey was fielded using SurveyMonkey Audience.

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