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Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media|SurveyMonkey poll: young children and smart speakers

Common Sense Media|SurveyMonkey poll: young children and smart speakers

A new Common Sense Media|SurveyMonkey poll finds that nine in 10 parents of children ages 2-8 say they or someone in their family interacts with a voice activated assistant.

Most say they use voice activated assistants on a smartphone (79 percent), though a significant number interact with them on a smart speaker (44 percent), in a car (23 percent), on a computer (13 percent), or on another device (10 percent).

This survey was fielded using SurveyMonkey Audience.

Click through all of the results in the interactive toplines below:

Do you or your family members use or interact with a “voice activated assistant” on any of the following: (Select all that apply.)
How important is each of the following to you…
...Controlling what information is collected about you
…Knowing when your family’s voices are being recorded
…Controlling whether your family’s voice data is being used to deliver more targeted ads across your devices
How helpful are voice activated assistants for you in assisting with parenting tasks (e.g. making grocery lists, answering children’s questions, setting reminders, etc.)?
Have you taken any steps to limit the data collected by voice activated assistants?
Does your child ever interact with a voice activated assistant?
Has your child ever said something mean, rude, or inappropriate to a voice activated assistant?
How important do you think it is for your child to be polite to a voice activated assistant?
In general, does your child think Siri, Alexa, or another voice activated assistant they interact with is a:
Does your child ever use a voice activated assistant to help with homework?
How did you get a smart speaker in your home? (Select all that apply).
How many smart speakers do you have in your home?
How often does your child interact with a smart speaker?
When your child uses a smart speaker, how often does he or she use it when there is no adult around?
In which of the following ways does your child use a smart speaker?
How likely do you think it is that someone could hack your smart speaker and listen to your conversations?
Have you ever set up a parental control on a smart speaker to block content?
Have you ever turned off your smart speaker’s microphone to prevent it from listening?
For what reasons have you turned off your smart speaker’s microphone? (Select all that apply).