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Celebrating Earth Day every day with SurveyMonkey Contribute

Celebrating Earth Day every day with SurveyMonkey Contribute

SurveyMonkey for Good is on a mission to use People Powered Data to improve our world and amplify everyone’s voice. One of the ways we do this is through Contribute, a program that enables individuals to donate to participating charities by completing surveys as part of our Market Research Solutions.  Contribute allows survey respondents to choose which charity on our platform gets a donation for every survey they take. Already, Contribute users have raised over $15 million for deserving nonprofits.

As part of our first Social Impact Report in 2020, we completed a materiality analysis to determine what issues were important to our stakeholders, customers, board members, and employees. Because of this process, we learned that environmental responsibility was top of mind for many—so we made it a priority for our company and SurveyMonkey for Good, adding a fourth pillar to our social impact work: Environmental Responsibility. 

This Earth Day, we celebrate the launch of our environmental responsibility pillar with the newest Contribute organizations. These amazing nonprofits support a sustainable planet through climate education, urban agriculture, pollinator conservation, and the promotion of clean energy every day.


The California Academy of Sciences is an aquarium, planetarium, rainforest, and natural history museum in the heart of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. As a powerful advocate for people and the planet, the Academy is dedicated to its mission to regenerate the natural world through science, learning, and collaboration. From the 1.4 million visitors welcomed each year to the 46 million scientific specimens in its collection, the impact starts at the museum and reaches far across the globe. The Academy relies on contributions from generous donors who support its world-changing work. 


Since 1974, Clean Water Fund has developed grassroots environmental organizations and coalitions that help people successfully campaign for cleaner and safer water, cleaner air, and protection from toxins in workplaces, homes, and neighborhoods. Through this work, Clean Water Fund is bringing stakeholders together to create changes that will improve health, consumer, environmental, and community problems. 

Clean Water Fund’s priorities include expanding access to clean water, preventing water shut-offs for households struggling financially, eliminating single-use plastics, and helping communities across the U.S. do more to get lead out of contact with their drinking water. The organization is also dedicated to tackling environmental injustice and the pollution problems that disproportionately impact the air, land, water, and workplaces in communities of color.


Launched in February 2011, Green Bronx Machine was born via collaboration between lifelong educator Stephen Ritz and his students. They observed that as waistlines expanded from unhealthy processed foods, engagement and opportunities in school decreased, school performance suffered, and hope and ambition dwindled. The Green Bronx Machine was initially developed as an after-school, alternative program for high school students but has evolved into a K-12+ model that’s fully integrated into the core curriculum. It utilizes urban agriculture to educate and feed students,  offering technology and resources that include a state-of-the-art classroom kitchen and an indoor teaching farm. 

More than 100,000 pounds of vegetables later, the program supports healthy students, high-performing schools, graduates, registered voters, living wage jobs, and middle-class members. Green Bronx Machine grows vegetables—and the vegetables grow students, schools, and communities!


Through Plant-for-the-Planet, over 91,666 children and youth in 75 countries have been trained to understand and address the climate crisis.  In their role as Climate Justice Ambassadors, they help protect our planet by planting trees, raising awareness through speeches and protests, and more.

This arboreal mission is more critical than ever. Earth used to have about 6 trillion trees, but only about half remain because of humans and deforestation. The good news is, 1 trillion of those missing trees can be restored without competing with agriculture and settlements. In fact, that’s Plant-for-the-Planet’s plan: plant 1 trillion trees worldwide and help create a sustainable future for all. 


Planet Bee Foundation is an environmental education nonprofit on a mission to change the world—one bee and one mind at a time. Through virtual and in-person educational workshops, it works with schools, nonprofits, summer camps, environmental centers, community gardens, and businesses to increase awareness of the current bee crisis and empower individuals and communities to take action.

Why all the buzz about bees?  Climate change and several other anthropogenic impacts—including habitat loss, pesticide use, and monocropping—have profoundly accelerated honey bee and native bee populations’ global decline. In the last 60 years alone, managed honey beehives in the U.S. have been reduced to less than half their original count, and current data shows that 52% of native bee populations in North America are facing decline. These trends pose a severe threat to the food systems and ecosystems we all depend on, which is why the Planet Bee Foundation focuses its educational efforts on pollinator conservation to demonstrate tangible and impactful environmental change.

As one of the first conservation societies in the United States, the Wildlife Conservation Society's goal is to conserve the world's largest wild places in 14 priority regions, home to more than 50% of the world's biodiversity. It does this through science, conservation action, education, and inspiring people to value nature. The Society also promotes the study of zoology. It offers first-class learning experiences at its five zoos and aquariums: the Bronx Zoo, Central Park Zoo, Queens Zoo, Prospect Park Zoo, and New York Aquarium.


SurveyMonkey Contribute is our largest mechanism to support our nonprofit communities. Join over 1 million others and sign up to be a Contribute member, and you’ll get to choose a charity that supports a cause that’s important to you—like promoting a sustainable future for our planet.