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Business leaders share their secrets at Curiosity Conference

Business leaders share their secrets at Curiosity Conference

Across industries, curiosity is the new currency. Join us online Wednesday, Nov. 14, and learn how to use it to your advantage!

Whether you’re in the marketing, HR, or non-profit worlds—or just want to sharpen your survey skills—Curiosity Conference has something for you.

Join us for this 100% free, 100% fantastic virtual conference featuring 24 speakers from companies like Eventbrite, Box, Nasdaq, and Soroptimist. (Also of note: nearly 80% of our featured speakers are women!)

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Looking for something more specific? Here’s a by-profession breakdown of some of the talks you can attend.

Learn how to win over prospects and delight customers. Hear from speakers like Cheri Keith (Senior Research Analyst, SiriusDecisions), Tracy Eiler (CMO, Inside View), and Jon Herstein (Chief Customer Officer, Box) at these sessions:

  • Crack the code to engaging B2B buyers
  • Elevate your brand as a data-driven thought leader
  • Why building a customer-centric culture is key to growth

Get expert advice on how to create a better workplace. We’ll be joined by Josh Bersin (Global HR Industry Analyst), Audrey Blanche (Global Head of Diversity and Belonging, Atlassian), Katee Van Horn (Founder & CEO, Bar the Door LLC), and others for the following talks:

  • The new world of employee engagement: productivity, energy, and more
  • Your toughest D&I questions answered (panel discussion)
  • Nasdaq sees big returns by investing in the employee experience

Expand your knowledge on how to increase philanthropic reach. Get tips and best practices from Valerie Threlfall (Managing Director, Listen for Good), Nora Blumenstein (Director of Programs, Soroptimist), Amanda Newsom (Marketing & Communications Manager, Giving Kitchen), and more at these discussions:

  • Creating high-quality client-focused feedback loops
  • Using surveys to measure and amplify impact
  • Leverage the data you already have to grow

We’ll also have a session on survey best practices from our own Director of Research, Sarah Cho; an opening keynote featuring Julia Hartz (CEO and Co-founder, Eventbrite) and Zander Lurie (CEO, SurveyMonkey); and finally, a closing keynote with speakers from Salesforce, Samasource, and Khan Academy.

Register for free now, and we’ll see you on November 14th!

Join us and learn how to use feedback to drive business impact.