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You Asked, We Listened: Check Out the SurveyMonkey App’s Newest Features

You Asked, We Listened: Check Out the SurveyMonkey App’s Newest Features

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 11.47.50 AMSince we released the SurveyMonkey mobile app in February, we’ve seen lots of SurveyMonkey customers using it for surveying on the go—and enjoying it too!

We’ve also received some great feedback from you on improvements and features you’d like to see us make to the app—and we’re excited to announce brand-new features and improvements, including iPad landscape support and Full Screen Mode.

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 iPad landscape mode

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 11.49.04 AM

Look at that horizontal action!

What’s been the most requested feature so far? You guessed it–the ability to view the app in landscape mode on your iPad! From your comments, it was clear to us that being able to access landscape mode is critical if you want to work in the app with ease:

Image courtesy of the App Store

So keep your external keyboards clipped to your tablets because the new iPad landscape mode is now available in the latest SurveyMonkey App release. (Update to the 1.0.4 version now.)

Full Screen Mode

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 11.47.50 AM

Another highly requested feature is the ability to view surveys in Full Screen Mode on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. What do we mean by Full Screen Mode?

Imagine you’re working the receptionist’s desk at the doctor’s office and your patients are inputting their personal information on a tablet device. Full Screen Mode, sometimes also referred to by users as “kiosk” mode, allows you to run a survey on your mobile device so that your patients can take your survey directly from your phone or tablet–and feel completely immersed in the survey-taking experience.

Make sure to choose Full Screen Mode from the Send page when you’re ready to collect responses. When displaying your survey in Full Screen Mode, you also have the option of enabling a password lock for extra security and privacy. When the password lock is enabled, respondents won’t be able to exit out of the survey and access any of your personal account information without entering your account password. This is ideal when you’re collecting responses in a public setting.

Full Screen Mode in Action

Here’s your survey or online form on display—just in time for your respondent to take it in-person on a shared mobile device:


Now your (super happy) survey respondent can fill in an online form or take a survey on any connected Apple device.

kiosk_mode_b_smallScreen Shot 2014-05-28 at 12.20.22 PM

Once your respondent completes your survey or online form, you’ll be able to decide whether or not the app returns to the start of the survey (for a new submission), or you can close Full Screen Mode and manage your surveys:

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 4.13.26 PM

Full Screen Mode isn’t just great for the doctor’s office. It’s also extremely helpful for gathering feedback on location or at an event.

For example, you might want to capture event feedback immediately from expo attendees at your sales booth. You can serve up your survey on an iPad in minutes and just let it run on autopilot while you tend to customers.

Not only can you free up your time (and save some trees) by collecting information electronically, you can have peace of mind knowing that all of your respondents’ personal information is safe and secure after each form submission. (And remember, healthcare professionals, SurveyMonkey is HIPAA-compliant, too!)

This is just the beginning. Each and every day, our mobile team is actively working to deliver more improvements and new features to our customers. We will continue to make improvements based on your feedback—so keep it coming!

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What are you using the SurveyMonkey App for? Do you have any ideas or suggestions for improvements we could make? Let us know in the Comments below!

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  • James Wiltshire

    When is the Android version coming out? I thought we’d reached a time when development of IOS / Android Apps was simultaneous………….

    • KTsurveymonkey

      Hey, James!

      We are workin’ hard to get the app set up with Android. We definitely want to get it to Android users (myself included) asap! You can always subscribe to our blog newsletter (if you haven’t already) on the main blog landing page to get the latest announcements, which will surely include the announcement of this app!

  • Dougal


    Great to see you making improvements. I remember looking into SurveyMonkey previously but ruling it out because I work with older adults and there didn’t appear to be anyway to increase the font size. Is this now possible?



    • KTsurveymonkey

      Thanks, Dougal! You can increase the size of the font in your survey design. In new Design, there is an enriched text editor that allows you to makes these changes! If you’re not seeing new Design in your account yet, it should be showing soon!

  • fredlai

    Hello there! Ive been having trouble downloading SurveryMoneky for iPad mini. Does the app works on the Mini? Or only on iPad? Thanks for the help!

    • KTsurveymonkey

      Hi there,

      Thanks so much for your interest in our Mobile App. Unfortunately the app hasn’t been released in Taiwan quite yet. Keep a look out though, hopefully you’ll see it launched in the near future!

  • Ann Gillard

    If I have multiple iPads, can I assign the same survey to them? Or do I have to create a new survey on each device?

    • KTsurveymonkey

      Hi Ann-

      You sure can! All you have to do is embed or open a Web Link on each of your iPads. You will want to be sure to allow multiple responses on your survey, and possibly loop respondents back to the start, if you have multiple respondents who will be answering the survey. Here’s more:

      I hope that helps out, Ann!

  • Victor

    I wanted to lock the survey screen on an iPad in order to leave the ipad at a lounge and the people who use it cannot navigate through the app.
    Is it possible?

  • Lisa Parker

    Does Survey Monkey offer a kisok mode so that we can set up at an event and have mulitple users and also save survey results without the internet ??

    • KTsurveymonkey

      Great question, Lisa. This is actually something we working on integrating to our SurveyMonkey app! Right now, all surveys must be taken online, so this wouldn’t be possible. But keep an eye out here on the blog for details in the future!

      • Ryan Larkman

        Hi, do you have any sort of time-frame for the offline mobile survey functionality?

        • KTsurveymonkey

          No exact timeline right now, Ryan. But it is something we’re working on!

  • David Murray

    We provide one-day education excursions for high school students and we want them to do a pre and post SM survey before and after the sessions. Most have smartphones.. But how do we send them a link to the survey as we don’t have their email addresses prior? Can we put the link on our FB page instead?

    • KTsurveymonkey

      You sure can, David! You can use the Web Link collector and post it to your FB page, or provide it to them in another other means you may have of contacting them ( in class, etc.) Please note that the Web Link is an anonymous collection method by nature. So if you need to know who is answering the survey, just be sure to ask that question in your survey. Happy surveying! :)

      • David Murray

        Regarding FaceBook linking – we would have to keep reposting to keep it to the top of the page. Is there anywhere else on our FB page it could sit permanently so it’s easy to find?

  • Erika N

    I was wondering about offline survey collection with the app. The comment from three months ago says to stay tuned! I just wanted to see if there was any new information about offline data collection. Thanks!

    • KTsurveymonkey

      Hi Erika-

      Thanks for checking. We are still working on implementing this into the app, but it’s definitely in our pipeline!

  • Glenn

    Hi there, when will offline survey collection be available? There’s a few comments here saying it’s “in the pipeline”. Thanks

    • MFsurveymonkey

      Hi there,

      While we do not have an exact ETA on this one, we hear you and we are definitely working on this one. Keep an eye out!

      • MFsurveymonkey

        Hi Toby! It’s great to know that we’re your tool of preference :)
        Unfortunately offline response collecting is not possible yet, you’ll need internet connection. This is a popular request so we’d love to be able to deliver that to our users, but at the moment we don’t have any ETA’s to give you. Thanks for your interest!
        In the meantime, what you can do if collect the responses offline through other means (phone or paper, for example) and then input the results manually to the platform.
        You might be familiar with it already, but you can see more about this here:

  • Emma Robinson

    When will Kiosk mode be available on Android?

    • MFsurveymonkey

      It’s on the roadmap, Emma. Keep your eyes peeled, as we should be releasing this in the near future!

  • ali

    Hi – I have a Microsoft Surface – how can I allow for collection from multiple users for the same survey on the same device? I can only find Android and iOs apps available.

  • Pieter Pinxten

    Hi, I am trying the Kiosk Mode on an iPad. It loops automatically, that’s great. There is only one thing i don’t know if you have it available: timeout of the survey. I want to set a specific time that users have to go to the next question. Like 60 seconds. If people don’t finish the survey I would like to restart the survey. Is this possible?

    • MFsurveymonkey

      Hi Pieter! I see what you’d like to do here. At this time there isn’t a way to set a time limit for taking a survey. This could be a great addition to the tool though! Thanks for your suggestion! We’ll bring it up to our dev team :)
      What you can do, once you receive the results, is see how much time it actually took for a particular respondent to complete the survey.
      More about this here:

      • Pieter Pinxten

        Hi, thanks for your quick reply. But it won’t help me right now. I need this feature right away. It sucks because I now need to switch to another provider than SurveyMonkey. I hope you guys can develop this soon, it shouldn’t be that hard I suppose?

        • MFsurveymonkey

          Hi again Pieter! We’re so sorry to hear that. We do understand that there’s still some features that need improvement so your feedback is very much appreciated and welcome. We don’t have any specific dates in mind for this, but we’ll definitely keep it under consideration. Thanks and we hope to see you back soon!

  • Bryan

    I run a tasting room for a winery in the south of France. I am looking for a way to track stats on visitors. I need to have a multilingual survey. Does SurveyMonkey allow for branching?

    Also, I need to have 2 surveys available at the same time, one for customers and one for my staff in the case that the customer doesn’t fill out the survey. Is there a way to quickly change between surveys without having to close out of kiosk mode?

    Last question, is it in the pipeline to make a more user-friendly kiosk mode for iPad with images and only one question per page, making it simpler to use and less complicated?

    Thank you!

  • moh

    I have question; does survey monkey support mobile phone? how
    I am creating a questionnaire and I want anyone (desktop users, mobile users, tablet users) can see a survey? and apply adding data
    Thank U

    • MFsurveymonkey

      Hi there! Great question! I’m happy to say that all our surveys are mobile responsive, and optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile resolutions on Android and iOS devices.
      You’re good to go :)
      You can take a peek here if you’re interested in learning more about this:

  • Megan Dawson

    I signed up for survey monkey under the impression it offered offline surveys through the ipad app. I am at my event and cannot use this tool. Please help

    • MFsurveymonkey

      Hi Megan! We’ll do our best to shed some light on this. At the moment it’s not possible to collect responses without an internet connection. The only way to do that is through the manual data entry.
      If you have responses that you collect offline (on paper for example) and wish to put them in SurveyMonkey for Analysis, you can do this of course. It will involve more effort on your part though, as you will have to type in the responses manually.
      To add responses manually, you will need to create a Manual Data Entry Collector for your survey in a SurveyMonkey account. For step-by-step instructions on setting this up, please see:

  • Cesar Lemus


    When will Kiosk mode /Full screen be available on Android?


    • MFsurveymonkey

      Hi Cesar! Thanks for your interest. We don’t have a time-frame to give you yet, but this is definitely in the cards so it might be sooner than expected. Thanks for your patience!

  • MFsurveymonkey

    Hi! Thanks for your feedback! Offline collection of data is only possible at the moment by using the Manual Data Entry Collector:
    We realize this is not the ideal solution, and since it’s a popular request, we’re certainly looking into it and will do our best to implement this in the future. We don’t have any ETA’s to share, I’m afraid. Thanks again for your interest!

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