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The state of CX: Emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities

Original research uncovers new trends reshaping the customer experience landscape.

The state of CX: Emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities

The customer experience (CX) landscape has evolved at an unprecedented rate over the past few years. New technologies like AI have accelerated digital transformation, and the pandemic reshaped consumer expectations around the experiences companies deliver. 

These changes left us curious: How exactly have customer experience professionals needed to evolve their initiatives? How have consumers' expectations evolved? And how can CX leaders successfully navigate this new environment?

To find the answers, we surveyed over 600 CX industry professionals and 1,000 consumers, ultimately discovering:

  • Only 1/4 of CX pros have a single CX leader who oversees and manages the entire customer journey
  • CX professionals are optimistic about AI tools, but most consumers don’t share that opinion
  • 52% of CX pros want more investment in customer feedback programs

Download the full report to learn more about emerging trends that will transform how CX professionals work and engage with customers.