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Pairing a prospect with their dream home or desired piece of commercial real estate is an art, but a little science can help. Use the science of surveying to lay the foundation for successful property deals.

Want to understand what your buyers have in mind, or what’s motivating your sellers? Use a survey to gather more insights. Want to grow your real estate agency or business? Use a questionnaire to do market research or prospect for referrals.

Send out your FREE survey in minutes, track responses, and turn data into insights with presentation-ready reports. The real estate market will never know what hit it.

What do your clients really want? A luxury home, a scenic view, a gourmet kitchen, a media room—or all of the above? Use a survey to find out. And after you’ve handed the new owners the keys to their castle, use SurveyMonkey online surveys to make sure everything’s good in the hood.

Buying a home is a big deal–financially and emotionally—but it’s so much easier when you know what your customers want and what they can afford. Do your own prequalifying with unbiased survey questions written by our professionals. Use any one of our expert-certified survey templates, or find question examples in our Question Bank to build your custom, methodologically sound survey.

Every agent advertises, but is it effective? Use the FREE home buyer feedback survey to find out where your clients started their property search and how easy or difficult it was to find you. You can also test ads to see what resonates with potential clients.

Word-of- mouth, viral advertising is FREE and very effective. Make sure you’re delivering a great service so your clients tell their friends and online communities about your real estate listings. Use the FREE real estate agent evaluation to identify any opportunity for improvement. Remember: Feedback is a gift!

Your team of agents is building their clientele—and your business too! Take the time to find out if they’re happy on the job and at your company. Invite employees to provide employee feedback about your business, your management, and the team’s performance, and use those insights to strengthen your corps. Find more ideas for HR employee surveys.

If you’re one of an increasing number of professionals sharing your expertise in an online blog, newsletter, or on Facebook, try embedding a poll in your next post. SurveyMonkey lets you easily include an online poll to ask questions and get answers that may reveal local real estate trends and concerns. Publish results to show off your expertise and get free publicity.

Increasingly, people go online first to try and find what they’re looking for. Chances are they’ll check out your site long before they contact you. Be sure to evaluate the effectiveness of your website: Ask readers-or friends and family—to take a website design feedback survey. Then address issues to make your site as effective as possible.

Use a survey to find the open house time that is most convenient for everyone or allow your clients to book time on your calendar to visit new homes for sale.

Whether you are running a course for new real estate agent trainees or teaching property managers how to handle their rentals, a survey can help make sure that your seminars and lessons are effective.

Try these tips to get responses and useful business insights!

Want to get more agents to show the property? Encourage potential buyers to see the property? Be clear on your main goal and create questions that get the information you want.

Sometimes the most valuable information comes in the responses that are difficult to hear. “What could we do to improve your experience?” Every successful sales person learns from the misses—when they stop to ask why.

Let your customers know you care about every detail by sending out a survey right after your engagements. Just after a sale is a great time to measure your Net Promoter Score too.

Surveys are a science, but we do the analysis so you can focus on what you do best: Sell real estate. Professional survey methodologists write all of our templates, so you can use them as-is. You can also customize templates to fit your needs, or create your own using the certified questions available in our Question Bank, or write your own survey questions (At this time, most of our survey templates are in English only, although we plan to offer them in other languages soon).

You probably know this, but it bears repeating: Research says it costs five times as much to gain a new customer than to retain an existing one. Are your clients happy? Are you sure? Find out when you send them a customer loyalty survey.

Real estate open house events happen every day. Have you considered how yours could better drive sales and meet customer needs? From pre-event surveys to easy RSVPs to post-event feedback, SurveyMonkey helps you stage your event for success.

Reach hundreds of local or millions of national respondents ready to provide the answers you need to make decisions about your real estate business. Use SurveyMonkey Audience to target a specific audience segment of any size in any location, and get real market data that helps ensure your efforts are as effective as possible.

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