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To say “thank you” to customers, gifts speak louder than words

To say “thank you” to customers, gifts speak louder than words

To celebrate the launch of the SurveyMonkey Technology Ecosystem Program (STEP), we’re highlighting one company that we’ve partnered with—in one way or another—every day in August. Check out all our integrations partners here.

When customers choose to take a survey, they’re gifting you with their time and perspective. Why not take the opportunity to surprise and delight them by making it mutual?  Did you know you could show your customers love (and boost your completion rates) by automatically sending them a gift after they finish your survey. Our integration with Sendoso lets you send gifts automatically when your respondents hit “submit”.

How it works: You set up triggers within your survey, and when respondents set them off, they get a gift of your choosing—anything from an eGift card to company swag, to a bottle of fine wine. Sendoso sources, stores, and manages corporate swag, customer gifts, eGifts, printed collateral, or (almost) any other gift that strikes your fancy. 

To get started:

  • Connect the Sendoso app from the SurveyMonkey App Directory
  • In Sendoso, create a new Touch (Coffee, Lunch, eGifts, etc.)
  • Under the Touch Type in Step 2 of Touch creation, select “Triggered sending based on integration”
  • Sync your SurveyMonkey Account and click “Allow” on the popup to connect your Sendoso account to your SurveyMonkey account.
  • Select the Survey Name and the related question that will ask for a valid email address in order to receive the eGift.

Feeling stumped about what to send? Here are some gift ideas (of various degrees of buttoned-up professionalism), from Sendoso’s recent eBook:

  • Gift cards to sites like Amazon, Starbucks, or Airbnb
  • A plant (Sendoso recommendations include a desk succulent, a sapling, and a bonsai tree)
  • Company swag (cups, t-shirts, blankets, etc.)
  • A piñata filled with positive reviews of the client’s company
  • Membership to services like Audible or Amazon Prime
  • Fresh fruit, or wine and cheese
  • A lava lamp
  • A fancy card
  • A customized mug, yoyo, or bobblehead
  • Nerf guns

Our earlier research found 78% of people feel noticeably happier after receiving gratitude and 38% prefer to express gratitude by sending and receiving gifts. It’s a simple, universal way to show your customers that they’re appreciated. 

Download the integration for a seamless, automated way to show your appreciation.