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Rihanna’s new album, the best fictional small business, and the age old candy corn debate: The October wrap up of The Daily Q

Rihanna’s new album, the best fictional small business, and the age old candy corn debate: The October wrap up of The Daily Q

October had some of our favorite insights from The Daily Q yet. We had big questions to ask this spooky season, and learned everything from where people stand on candy corn to what the best fictional small business is, all from asking one question a day. If we can settle age-old debates with just one question, think about what you could learn from setting up your own survey!

  1. Not even Pennywise is scarier than a 4PM meeting on a Friday.
58% of people are more afraid of 4pm Friday meetings than Freddy Krueger or Pennywise

Looks like people would rather take their chances with a dream demon, killer clown, and masked murdered than recieve the dreaded notification that they have a meeting at 4PM on a Friday. 

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  1. Candy corn has more foes than friends. 
Almost 54% of people dislike candy corn

October marks the time of the year where people either dust off their candy jars or pitchforks in the spirit of the age old candy corn debate. We all have our opinions but we can’t all be right, right? Since we’re no candy experts, we took to The Daily Q audience to put this controversy to rest. It was a tight race, but ultimately the people have spoken: thumbs down. 

  1. In the States, people plan to vote in person this election year.
Almost 51% of people plan to vote in person, compared to 31% voting early and 17% absentee

In case you missed it, in the United States, election day is right around the corner and there are some important candidates and decisions on the ballot. So, we were curious to see people’s preferences on how they play to submit their vote, and a majority of people said that they prefer to vote in person on election day (though we should note that not every state allows people to vote absentee without an excuse.)

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  1. The Krusty Krab wins the best small fictional small business in a narrow race.
Krusty Krab is 30% of people's favorite fictional small business, closely followed by the Central Perk from Friends

There’s a lot of great small businesses out there, but some of the most inspirational—and creative—ones live on the screen. We partnered with our friends at Constant Contact to figure who has the best small business in the fictional universe. It was a tight race, but shout out to Mr. Krabs from SpongeBob for starting the iconic Krusty Krab, which narrowly beat out Friends’ classic coffee shop, Central Perk. 

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  1. We’re all manifesting a new album from RiRi.
Over 50% of people think that Rihanna either probably or definitely will release a new album in the next year.

Perhaps no other album is as highly anticipated as Rihanna’s 9th studio album, after nearly seven years since her last release. With her upcoming Super Bowl halftime show and new released single “Lift Me Up” for the next Black Panther movie, people have been speculating that 2023 might be the year we finally get that album. According to our survey, only 55% of people think she definitely or probably will release the album. Regardless of what RiRi has in store for us, we’re just happy to hear signature vocals once again.