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How to use Trello’s SurveyMonkey template

How to use Trello’s SurveyMonkey template

In honor of our annual Apps We Love campaign, we’re celebrating SurveyMonkey partners and companies we admire. Whether we’ve collaborated with these companies on joint research, built an integration, or become customers ourselves, we’re big fans of each of these orgs and are excited to share with you. 

We partnered with Trello, the workflow management solution, to create a workflow template that covers building a customer feedback program from the ground up. This template is built into Trello, not SurveyMonkey—so it will only be useful to you if you’re already a Trello user (or plan to be). 

The workflow template is modeled after how our Voice of the Customer team recommends running a customer feedback program. (You can use it in conjunction with this guide to address all your questions as they arise. 

Here’s a quick rundown of the workflow. 

The board is structured as a complete workflow for your customer feedback program, from start to finish. The first part of the workflow begins with a guide for internal planning (like getting buy in from stakeholders and aligning on responsibilities), then moves into survey design and further action. 

The second half gets more focused and action-oriented by using the kanban method for creating tasks and tracking progress. 

This board is designed to help you create your own workflow for your VoC team (or person!). Here's the planning and work that happens at each stage of the process, which are represented by Lists and Cards on Trello board:

  • Project Planning: This list identifies each step in this process as cards so your team can collectively identify the goals of the program, identify internal resources to support the program, get buy-in from leadership, and select your preferred Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey. 
  • Survey Design: This list is the space for your team to collaborate on the survey design, questions, and format. 
  • Sending: This list gives guidance and best practices on how to send your customer surveys, how often, and to whom.
  • Analysis: This list provides the meaty details on how to analyze your survey results and customer feedback in order to identify patterns and build action items. 
  • Action: This list identifies the recommended next step of actions to take once you gather customer feedback such as follow-up strategies and analyzing program success.

Tasks from this workflow are then created into cards on the board so your team can collectively track collaboration and progress from Up Next to Complete. 

Get your SurveyMonkey workflow up and running quickly to start taking a more data-driven approach to operations.