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Helping children, empowering victims, teaching math: 3 new orgs to support on Contribute

Helping children, empowering victims, teaching math: 3 new orgs to support on Contribute

SurveyMonkey is passionate about helping support causes we care about—and so is our community of users. SurveyMonkey Contribute is a platform that lets users take surveys in exchange for a donation to a nonprofit of their choice. Already, Contribute users have raised over 15 million dollars for deserving nonprofits.

We’ve added 3 new organizations that you can help support, with just a few minutes of your time. Learn more about each below. 


Sometimes, society has a way of disenfranchising the groups that need support the most. This can be especially true for children who struggle with rules or simply don’t fit the accepted mold.

That’s where Youth Villages comes in. Youth Villages is a leader in helping children with emotional, behavior, and mental challenges succeed in spite of the odds. The organization works with youth and their families to build support systems that set them up for stability and lifelong success.

Youth Villages’ core principle is that “with a stable family and support system, every child can succeed.”  The org offers both intensive treatment options like residential programs and in-home services and long-term support.

With over 100 locations across 24 states, the organization helps support more than 30,000 young people and their families every year.

You can support Youth Villages by selecting it from your Contribute profile.


Over 18,000 people are trafficked into the U.S. each year. An additional 10 million Americans are victims of domestic violence. Ruby’s Place is working to end human trafficking, domestic violence,and violent crime through hope and support to those who need it.

The organization is the first to offer a shelter for battered women in the United States and currently offers crisis services, shelter, counseling, children's services, and more. Ruby’s Place gives victims what they need at the moment, whether that’s a warm meal (over 50,000 served

per year), a place to stay (18,000 overnights), a crisis call (1,900 calls taken), or a counseling session (over 350 per year).

One person described her experience at Ruby’s Place like this, “Coming from a bad relationship where I felt like a prisoner; this is the freest and safe I’ve felt in a long time. I feel like this is a place that respects your healing process."

Ruby’s Place doesn’t limit its work to its own services—it also helps positively impact broader structural institutions by offering educational training and technical assistance to law enforcement and providers. These police and other professionals can then better support people who have already been through incredible trauma through challenging situations. 

You can support Ruby’s Place by selecting it from your Contribute profile.


Early math skills can be one of biggest predictors of success later in life—and the grades 6-8 are a critical period for math development. 

 MATHCOUNTS offers math enrichment programs to middle school students of all skill levels, with tons of free online resources and interactive programs. The organization provides 3 distinct national programs—the Competition Series, the National Math Club and the Math Video Challenge—to help every student find their path to math.

 MATHCOUNTS is not in the business of gatekeeping. The official website proudly explains that, “Some students love math. Other students fear math. MATHCOUNTS is the place for both.” Equitable access to math programs can completely change the playing field for communities that don’t have access to expensive private tutors and for kids who simply learn things differently. 

Its unique programs make math learning fun, social, and engaging, setting kids up for a lifelong love of math.

 You can support MATHCOUNTS by selecting it from your Contribute profile.

We are so grateful to everyone who chooses to make a difference by taking surveys on Contribute and are honored to work with impactful orgs like Youth Villages, Ruby’s Place, and MATHCOUNTS.