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Get data-driven insights from a global leader in online surveys.

Integrate with 100+ apps and plug-ins to get more done.

Build and customize online forms to collect info and payments.

Create better surveys and spot insights quickly with built-in AI.

Purpose-built solutions for all of your market research needs.


Measure customer satisfaction and loyalty for your business.

Learn what makes customers happy and turn them into advocates.

Get actionable insights to improve the user experience.

Collect contact information from prospects, invitees, and more.

Easily collect and track RSVPs for your next event.

Find out what attendees want so that you can improve your next event.

Uncover insights to boost engagement and drive better results.

Get feedback from your attendees so you can run better meetings.

Use peer feedback to help improve employee performance.

Create better courses and improve teaching methods.

Learn how students rate the course material and its presentation.

Find out what your customers think about your new product ideas.


Best practices for using surveys and survey data

Our blog about surveys, tips for business, and more.

Tutorials and how to guides for using SurveyMonkey.

How top brands drive growth with SurveyMonkey.

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Delight more customers. Easily gather actionable customer feedback.

Listen to your customers and get their opinions throughout the entire customer journey. See how to tap into Customer Powered Data to start gathering real-time feedback at scale.


Create on-brand feedback surveys in minutes. Send surveys via multiple channels, easily analyze your data, and share actionable insights with your team.


Run effective customer experience programs with our dedicated NPS solution. Enjoy automated feedback collection, predictive analysis, and more.

Survey your target market to better understand their behaviors, perceptions, and attitudes.

Find out what people think about your brand and discover new growth opportunities.

Use feedback to tailor your communications, website experience, and even A/B test campaigns.

Want to talk to consumers or prospects?Our plans and Audience panel makes it easy to check in with your market early and often.

“We are able to correlate improvement in our NPS to higher revenue and retention of our customers”

—Simon Lindsay, CEO of Progressive Direct

Easily deliver both transactional and relational NPS surveys to understand what drives your customer satisfaction.

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Ask your customers for feedback on your products and services to find out where and how to improve.

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Talk to customers before and after events. Capture live feedback or set up a kiosk survey on a tablet or phone.

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Identify patterns and trends in your digital experiences or at a point of sale (POS) so you can quickly make positive adjustments.

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Improve your customer experience by assessing your customer service and call center effectiveness.

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Prevent churn and improve repeat business. Identify customer loyalty trends and find out how to improve your offering.

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Women at Planet Fitness
Planet Fitness

Customer powered success

See how Planet Fitness creates a happy, healthy customer experience using feedback.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Create your own customer feedback surveys in minutes—or get started with SurveyMonkey CX, a comprehensive solution to measure and improve your Net Promoter Score.

Our platform makes it easy to create and send surveys during every part of the customer journey. Start building a better experience with customer feedback.

Automate your NPS surveys and get powerful analytics tools that let you discover how to improve the customer experience and grow your business.

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Customer satisfaction survey templates

Explore our customer satisfaction survey templates to rapidly collect data, identify pain points, and improve your customer experience.

Ecommerce Payment Form Template

Streamline your online transactions with our Ecommerce Payment Form Template. Secure, easy to use, and customizable to fit your business needs.

Get started quickly with SurveyMonkey for HR, marketing, and market research pros

How professionals in HR, market research, and marketing can start using surveys--fast.

Get deeper survey insights with Tableau and Microsoft Power BI

Uncover deeper meaning behind your collected CX data by integrating feedback and operational data in Tableau and PowerBI.