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Day in and day out, your customer service team answers the phone, handles email, and otherwise interacts with your customers. They’re a big part of your company and your success. In fact, our research suggests that 72% of customers are very or extremely likely to shop at a company with a reputation for excellent customer service.

That’s why it’s vital to assess your customer service skills and effectiveness by asking the right customer service survey questions. You’ll get key information on how well consumers interact with your team, and that data could help you make good hiring decisions, assess customer service training gaps, and improve your company’s bottom line.

Customer service feedback surveys can give you a great deal of information about your customers. But you have to ask the right questions to get the right results. Here are some smart ways to use customer support surveys to get data you can use.

How to use a customer service questionnaire

As a marketer, you might push consumers to visit your business or buy a product. Customer service keeps those consumers coming back, over and over. A customer service feedback survey gives you data you need to enhance the performance of this key department in the following ways.

Shorten wait times

Hate waiting? So do your customers. Survey answers highlight the length of time your customers spend listening to hold music, watching an email inbox, or glaring at a spinning processing button online. Staffing questions you make based on this data could change the whole picture for your customers.

Beat your competitors

Know just why your clients might be willing to pack up and move to a different vendor, and just what customer service basics you’ll need to change to make them stick with you. Open-ended questions let respondents talk freely, and their answers may surprise you.

Change the tone of the conversation

How well do your representatives listen, and empathize, with your key customers? Are they warm, or do they sound impatient? Find out how your customer support team is coming across with the data you collect from customer service surveys. That way, you can pull together an effective customer service training session, and turn a negative into a positive.

Get more answers with marketing surveys

A well-crafted marketing survey helps you to dive deep into the customer experience, so you’ll know what’s working and what needs tweaking. We can also help you to research new markets and explore new opportunities.

Just who’s out there?

Use our market segmentation survey templates to get vital demographic data on your target market. Questions about education level, household income, and more give you an in-depth look at consumers, so you can tailor your marketing messages accordingly.

Make sure your idea’s a winner before it’s released

Send any of our concept testing survey templates to consumers before you launch a new product or service. You’ll find out what key attributes are most important to your buyers, and you’ll see how much customer loyalty consumers have for your existing products and services.

Measure online prowess

Assess your website’s performance with online website feedback surveys. Get answers to key questions about what brought consumers to your site, how well they enjoyed the experience, and how quickly they plan to return. This study is vital if you’re planning to launch a new product online.

How to create customer service surveys

Our example survey templates provide both structure and customization. Use our sample survey questions as-is to collect customer satisfaction insights and assess your team’s customer service skills, or add your own questions to make the polls even more applicable to your business.

Customer Service Feedback Survey Template

Evaluate how well your customer service representatives listen, understand, and handle customer questions and issues.

Preview Template

Customer Comments Survey Template

Collect open-ended feedback about your customer service, and your products.

Preview Template

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3 quick tips to improve survey response rates

Here are some ideas to ensure that respondents will answer your surveys.

1. Be quick

If your survey is short and sweet, there's a greater chance that more respondents will complete it.

2. Offer incentives

Little incentives like small discount or an entry into a drawing can help ensure respondents complete your survey.

3. Buy a targeted audience

With SurveyMonkey Audience, you can purchase access to an audience who meets specific demographic criteria for your survey. It's a great way to get targeted responses from a specific group.

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